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Sat, 16 Apr 2005

Announcements list is closed

After several years of running the very low volume gjb-announce mailing list to inform people of new or updated software or papers from me, I’ve now closed the list. Both that list and the other lists I have run for various organisations over the years have increasingly been subject to spam. The spam never went out to the lists because they were moderated, but its quantity has meant an ever-increasing burden on my time.

Fortuitously, the last of the lists for external organisations was moved to an in-house solution recently and so this seems like a good time to get out of the mailing list business altogether—not least because the list software I was using was getting ever more inadequate to the job in the modern world, and closing the lists means I don’t have to take the time to choose and install and configure alternative list software. This seems to be a win-win case to me.

For those of you who are interested, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of my blog or visit it direct. Those who only want the announcements can tack “announce/” on the end of the normal URL. Those who want just the software announcements can tack “announce/software/” on the end of the normal URL—but note that, as of today, that won’t buy you much as there are no software announcements yet.

And—just in case—those who can’t figure out what to do with the information in the paragraph above can always contact me by the same means as usual for more elaborate instructions.

And, for those who wondered why it’s been so long since the last software announcement, well … that’s just how it’s been. Nevertheless, the work you can see here in my blog and in other changes in the way I’m doing things, is an indicator of some progress and it’s fair to assume that there will be some announcements in the current year.