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FQE30 at Qld Raceway 25 May 2003


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Fri, 20 Aug 2004

Getting air at Morgan Park

Yesterday was another great day at Morgan Park, if we gloss over the antics of one dickhead in a Falcon ute who—having got into a tank-slapper coming onto the straight on one lap—learned nothing from the experience and tried even harder next time around. The result was a huge crash into the concrete barriers. It made the concrete walls move quite a bit, and seemed to spoil the looks of the ute. By some miracle, he did drive it away.

The big thing for me was that ace motor sport photographer Wayne Reed came along and so I now have some good pics of the BMW getting air over the kerbs. I should receive them on CD in the next week and then I’ll order some prints to wave under people’s noses and hang on my wall.