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FQE30 at Qld Raceway 25 May 2003


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Fri, 28 May 2004

Almost good

Morgan Park was fun; the BMW seems to have been cured of its miss and was quick enough to hunt down and embarrass late model M3’s.

The down sides were:

  • The exhaust pipe that broke off the back of one of the catalytic converters (in another triumph of engineering by the people who built the exhaust system)—the noise, both on the track and during the two-hour drive home, was just awful.
  • The fact that, in a fit of meanness after spending so much recently, I decided to get “my money’s worth” out of my track tyres which were really past their use-by date.

I was going to take a couple of pics of the shredded steel bands on the tyres, but that will evidently have to wait until I get around to buying some more batteries for the camera. Stay tuned.