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Mon, 25 Oct 2004

End of season

Leaving aside the local taxi races, the motor racing year pretty well ended this weekend. The Gold Coast Indy 300 managed to run to the end without the rain-induced farces of recent years and even managed to sustain interest fairly well. The Brazilian F1 GP was a bit lacklustre, although the final stage when Kimi was chasing JPM hard was quite fascinating—these two will be team mates next year and their tussle will be a good launch point for them. Unfortunately, like the previous event in Japan, the enjoyment of the race was diluted by an incredibly incompetent television broadcast. The directors seemed to have no clue about what they were broadcasting and, apart from wasting lots of time following local drivers when they weren’t doing anything interesting, they managed to miss almost every event of real interest—so badly that they couldn’t even contrive to show the missed material in replay. You’d think, with the stupendous television budgets, that they’d be able to find people with a clue—just one more bit of evidence that the believers in the ability of the market to fix things have got it all wrong.