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Fri, 23 Jul 2004

Historic sports sedans

My mate Simon Harrex, long famous as a touring car and sports sedan racer in Queensland and interstate, has kept one of the space frames he built for his mid-engined sports sedans on the wall of his workshop for years, together with engines and assorted other bits that clutter up the place.

Yesterday he told me that the chiefs of historic racing had been in touch to remind him that his car was now eligible for historic racing and to encourage him to get it out again. I said, “So, are you going to do it?” And I was delighted when Simon said he was. This car is a beast—it’s a package that weighs around 600 kg and is powered by a mid-mounted 600 horsepower Chev V8. I found a few pix on the Friends of Lakeside web site gallery.

The picture below shows Simon leading a sports sedan race at Lakeside on some forgotten day in the past in this car:

And, while we were talking about the plans to rebuild the car, Simon promised me a drive when it’s ready—I can hardly wait!

Although it’s irrelevant to this entry, I’m just going to mention that I’m still waiting to see pix of my car cornering on two wheels from our last outing at Morgan Park—the pix are supposed to exist and people who saw the car said it looked exciting, but I have not yet seen the evidence …