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Wed, 02 Mar 2005

What not to do about it

Yesterday, I wrote about some problems I had with a custom-built exhaust system for my toy. Since then, several people have contacted me with helpful suggestions about possible legal avenues that I could pursue in order to obtain compensation. To save others from wasting their time adding to that advice, I’ll explain my position here.

First, the whole saga has cost me far more time and energy than the mere dollar cost (which is around $3k). I cannot get compensation for that time and energy, no matter what process I follow; and monetary compensation is not worth any further effort on my part. I like to believe I know when to cut my losses.

Second, the guilty party is somebody who I considered to be a friend (at least in the wider context of the motorsport world) and I don’t wish to poison things in that world with litigation—something I look upon with a large degree of contempt. That contempt that is fairly evenly spread between the legislators, the interpreters and the enforcers. I have no desire to play in the legal system, except perhaps in extreme circumstances which do not obtain here.

And, for those who have suggested that I should take legal action to help protect other potential innocent victims, my answer is that I have taken what steps I reasonably can to publicise my experience precisely for the benefit of others. I’m happy for my story to be brought to the attention of those who are interested. But that’s as far as I plan to go with this.