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Mon, 28 Feb 2005

A bad day for a car dealer

A sales critter at Watson Holden in the Melbourne suburb of Bundoora will be kicking himself now. Taking complete leave of his senses, he allowed a 19-year-old male to test drive a new VY HSV Clubsport. The lad, confusing his abilities with his ambitions, completed the drive by arriving back at the dealership a mite too fast around the final corner when he mounted the kerb, attacked the gates and mounted a few cars. The picture shows how it finished.

Update: It seems that some of the minor details in the story above might not be correct—the age of the driver, the exact details of the car’s ownership, and so on. That’s the case with many such stories, and I have neither the time not the interest to explore it further. The lessons of such stupidity remain valid, regardless of those fine details.