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FQE30 at Qld Raceway 25 May 2003


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Amnesty International Australia — global defenders of human rights

global defenders of human rights

Médecins Sans Frontières — help us save lives around the world

Médecins Sans Frontières - help us save lives around the world

Electronic Frontiers Australia — protecting and promoting on-line civil liberties in Australia

Electronic Frontiers Australia


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The FreeBSD Project

Mon, 17 May 2004

A brief introduction

For the benefit of people who stumble in here and don’t know me, I’ve put together a few of the salient facts about me. I’ve been writing software and loving it for over twenty years. In previous lives I did a bit of writing and a bit of truck driving and a few other things that don’t really matter now.

I’m strongly opposed to war; intolerance; discrimination—especially against women, children and displaced indigenous people; organised religions; nationalism; and the uncritical acceptance of authority. I actively support organisations that work for what I see as a better world, such as Amnesty International Australia, Médecins Sans Frontières and Electronic Frontiers Australia.

By extension, I’m opposed to the invasion of Iraq and to the detention of refugees—especially women and children—in concentration camps in Australia.

I play with cars, mainly taking my E30 BMW to race tracks where it is fast enough to keep out of the way of all the expensive cars and to allow me to come home with a big smile.

I don’t find computer games interesting, but I love talking about software and how it works; and I enjoy mentoring younger programmers.

I don’t like dogs; I like cats, but am allergic to them; I’m supposed to be renovating my house, although that project is moving so slowly that some people think it’s a mere fantasy.