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Sun, 11 Jul 2004

The Political Compass

Ben Fowler recently directed my attention to The Political Compass, a site that offers an anonymous test of one’s political position in a more useful fashion than the old and rather simplistic left/right approach.

I found it a useful tool, although I would have preferred to see a “don’t care” option in the answers. Their FAQ—which they recommend reading after taking the test, so I won’t link to it here—provides a perfectly valid explanation for this decision; nevertheless, I would have liked such an option for a tiny minority of questions. Despite that, I doubt if my score would have changed in any significant way if such an option had been provided.

I think it’s well worth visiting this site and taking their test.

For the record, my scores were -7.88 on the economic (or left/right) axis and -7.49 on the social (or libertarian/authoritarian) axis. This fits pretty well with my expectations.