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Wed, 29 Dec 2004

Plone plonk

Somebody recommended Plone, a “user friendly and powerful open source Content Management System” according to its web site. (Plone is built on top of Zope and Python.) From there, I had a look at The Definitive Guide to Plone, which is available on-line as well as in print.

So this is a book about using some software to create web sites. You might expect some competence in its own web presence. You might be disappointed, as I was. Stuff that smacked me in the face in the first few seconds included URLs without links; forced use of fonts that look ugly on my screen rather than leaving it to my common sense to select suitable fonts; forced use of windows wider than my screen, forcing me to scroll horizontally as well as vertically to read it. Well, thanks for the effort, but this is such a poor advertisement for the content that I’ll skip trying to read it and I’ll probably never look at Plone again.