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Sat, 03 Jul 2004

Evaluations of anti-spam tools (update)

I recently wrote about a response by Jonathan A. Zdziarski (the author of DSPAM) to an evaluation of anti-spam tools by Gordon Cormack and (although I didn’t mention him) Thomas Lynam. I mentioned my reservations about the Cormack and Lynam paper and recommended that people look at Zdziarski’s response.

Since then, I’ve heard from Cormack (who wanted me to read his reply to Zdziarski) and I’ve corresponded with Zdziarski to get some further background. I’ve read Cormack’s response and I’ve exchanged some email with him. I’m still not convinced that he’s right—but it’s clear that there is more study to be done and I have undertaken to do that.

Because of some of the other stuff that’s happening right now, that might take me a little while, so I’m just documenting the fact that this question is currently open, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll write up any research I do and its results as soon as I have something to say.