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Fri, 29 Apr 2005

Apple know how to annoy

When I ordered my upgrade to Mac OS X “Tiger”, I was once again annoyed to see that Apple flatly refuse to accept a PO Box for a delivery address. I can live with this to some extent—e.g., when it’s a piece of relatively expensive hardware such as laptop for which they might like to obtain a signature. But for lightweight, easily-replaced junk like an OS update, it’s plain silly.

For today’s exercise, it was more than silly; it was infuriating. They sent the parcel by Australia Post’s Express Post service which does not collect signatures and which is only too happy to deliver to PO boxes. So, rather than wonder how to manage my day so that I had a chance of being at home when the courier called, I could have just gone about my business knowing my parcel was safe at the Post Office if only Apple cared a bit about the convenience of their customers rather than the importance of rigid adherence to some stupid corporate rule. Idiots.

As for what’s in the box—which I tripped over on the front step as I headed out to do the shopping this morning—I’m not in such a hurry to find out and have not yet bothered to open it to see if the claimed contents are in fact present.