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Thu, 26 Aug 2004

Powerbook arrives

Yesterday, I had a bit of a whine about the difficulties I experienced with a purchase from Apple. At least the nice person I spoke to promised that she would call me to discuss suitable times to deliver my new toy—and that I could expect it mid to late next week. So of course it arrived this afternoon at the same time as one of my wife’s psychotherapy clients, meaning she had to take delivery while putting her client at ease. No, there was no phone call. Yes, my wife was not pleased. No, I am not surprised.

Now I have to wade through the horrible business of setting the thing up so that I can use it. When I looked at one of the original Macs for the first time, I was struck by how easy it was to do some of the obvious things and how it was almost impossible to do the things I was interested in. Not much has changed. I admit I got it a DHCP lease on the home LAN very easily, and I’ve been playing with Safari for a while. I think I’d rather use something else, but I’m not yet game to attempt that and I’m really waiting to get a proper mouse before I make too many decisions. It is pretty and I expect that I’ll eventually learn how to use it and that it will become something I’m glad I’ve bought—but it’s not as easy to use as I had hoped. I suppose the thing I like least is that it reminds me of using Windows and that’s not something I recall with any fondness.