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Fri, 21 Dec 2007

Xmas Parking Perfection

At this time of year, pressure on parking spaces at Indooroopilly (and no doubt other shopping centres) gets pretty intense. But this morning there were a few spaces available in the reserved parking outside the post office for people to use when collecting their mail from the PO boxes there.

Even so, the hero of this story felt that the effort of parking her tiny car in a marked space was too much, so she just stopped in the roadway, locked her car and dashed across to get her mail. By the time she had the box open, both owners of the cars she had blocked had arrived at their cars and were looking a bit irritated to see they had no way out. However, everybody relaxed as the pest dashed back to her car with her mail.

This was when she discovered that she had managed to lock her keys inside the car. She had also locked her phone in there with the keys. So she then borrowed a phone from one of her victims, eventually worked out what number to call for information, got the number for RACQ, called them, waited for a bit and finally reported that they would be there—probably within an hour to an hour and a half. The trapped owners were as ecstatic as you might expect. All the cars that had to squeeze past were looking unhappy. And I had emptied my PO box by then, so I went home.